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It’s common knowledge that the story goes south… Not ‘south’ in that sense, let me rephrase that - that Tommy and the gang go to London, and that’s when they encounter Tom Hardy and other London gangs. The story is expanding. I’ve worked with Tom a couple of times and I just love what he can do: he’s very bold in his choices, always pushing it. It’s a brilliant creation Steve Knight wrote for him, and there should be some very exciting scenes in it.

- Cillian Murphy about Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders season two. From London Evening Standard


Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon. If you’ve enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy like so many of us have, please do not forget about his role in giving us all that incorrigible, adorable little fella.

At Multiversity we’re hosting a benefit for Bill. You can read about it here, see all the pieces we’ll be auctioning off for Bill in conjunction with his brother Mike here (the auctions will begin soon, 100% of the proceeds go to Bill’s care), and you can read more about what you can do for Bill here.

Ain’t nobody like Bill, ‘cept Bill.


I’m about challenging people. Like, properly challenging them and their assumptions. Audiences make their minds up about people they see on screen, just like they do in real life. That’s what fascinates me in film. You see a character and have to think: is this person different to what I assumed he was when I first saw him? - Steve Mc Queen


HBO's The Leftovers Intro


Daniel Handler, AKA Lemony Snicket, gives love advice on twitter. (Part 1)

The last one though, hahaha.


The story of just an ordinary guy (Chris Pratt)


Tom Hardy as Max in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Looks like it might just be a little badass

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Game of Thrones Expectations Vs. Reality via Imugr